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In our ongoing commitment to sustainability, our organization uses research and innovation to develop the needed technology for cleaner water to fight plastic pollution.

We strive to increase access to clean and safe water globally. The Green Journey Coalition is transforming the current environmental research field to provide a safer and healthier tomorrow.

Our Partners

We are very greateful to our partners who support our ongoing work to fight plastic pollution.

Robert Downey Jr's coalition of investors, donors, and storytellers committed to scaling technologies to restore our planet.
An organization committed to combatting plastic pollution worldwide.
Our Founder

Fionn grew up by the seashore in West Cork, Ireland, developing a strong passion for being in and by the sea through kayaking, diving and sailing. He is deeply affected by the problems faced by the threatened ocean environment.

He has seen first-hand the impacts of plastic pollution. Combatting this pollution is a major priority in his life. Fionn’s love of science and inventing drove him to devote much of his time to finding solutions to the microplastic problem.

SOme Achievements
  • World Economic Forum
    Change Maker
  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • National Geographic
    Young Explorer
  • Google Science Fair
    Grand Prize, 2019
  • Method
    Youth Advisory council
  • Rennaisance Awards
    Winner, 2021

As part of our grant program, Footprint Coalition has proudly sponsored Fionn Ferreira's plastic-free mission and we hope others will do the same! Thank you Fionn, for all your hard work.

Robert Downey Jr.
Footprint Coalition

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